The Opening Ceremony of the 8th Track and Field Events Held in Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University

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The 8th Track and Field Events kicked off at the stadium at 8:30 am ,on April 15, 2021. More than 10,000 people including the respected university leaders, teachers and students all attended the opening ceremony.The vice-principal, Wang Wanling presided over the opening ceremony. Zhao Yipeng, deputy chairman of the organizing committee of the events delivered the opening speech and Yu Zuobin, secretary of the party committee, declared the 8th track and field events officially open.

The march-in ceremony was held first with the delegation team made up of referees and volunteers marched into the playground carrying the national flag, school flags and the flag of track and field events. 22 faculty delegation teams and 16 student delegation teams closed in line. The teachers and students of our university were full of energy and enthusiasm, demonstrating the spirits of diligence and optimism. In his speech, Zhao Yipeng pointed out that 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the first year of implementing the“14th five year plan" and the start of a new journey of building a socialist modern country.Therefore , this track and field eventshas special spiritual connotations and significance. He said that teachersmust continue to deepen the reform of physical education, give full play toits educational function, and regard school physical education as a basic project for fulfilling the fundamental task ofstrengthening moral education and cultivating the young. He also urged the teachers toguide students tostrengthentheir will, enjoy happiness, and grow up healthyby doingsports. He also emphasized that all teachers and students should take this sports events as an opportunity to strengthen the concept of “health first”, extensively carry out "sunshine sports", continuously build campus sports culture, and actively create a healthy sports atmosphere. We must see sports as a habit, make physical and mental health a pursuit, take national fitness as a fashion. We should do more exercise to keep our physical and mental health in order to enjoy a wonderful life.

At the opening ceremony, the representatives of referee and athlete took the oath respectively.The track and field events lastedfor two days, and had various groups of students and teachers competing individually and collectively at various events such aslong distance running, high jump, long jump, relay race, shot put, two-person tripods, etc.