Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University Helping Farmers to Promote Their Productions

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On August 2nd, 2021, Dr. Zhao Liangjie and Dr. Feng Dexiang from the Fishery School led three students to go to Luoshan county to give the local farmers a post-flood service.

They provided technical guidance to the Xiaolongshan Fishery Company, telling them to frequently change the water in the ponds in case of the lack of oxygen for the fish they were breeding. One of the leaders from the Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University told the reporter that the university has been pushing the service work for the farmers in the local regions after the serious flood recently. Professor Shi Hongzhong from the university led a service team to go to Qinglonghe, Guangshan county, to investigate the potential plant diseases and replied some questions about the puzzles from the local farmers, who were very grateful to the service team. Another Professor Wang Dezhi from the same team told them the methods for protecting fragrant mushroom from diseases in rainy days.The university also employed the ways of telephoning, mobile messages, and internet-talking to help the farmers.