Our University Has Held the Ceremony for the Signing of University-Enterprise Cooperation and the Opening of the Production Institute

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On the morning of May 10th, Tourism Management School of XYAFU, the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Tourism Investment Co., and the Beijing Guanghuijintong Education and Technology Co., held a signing and opening ceremony for the university-enterprise cooperation. Guests attending the ceremony included Xing Yong, president of the university; Zhao Pin, vice-president of the university; Teng Xiaoyu, deputy director of Xinyang Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau; Li Feiruo, deputy general manager of the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Tourism Investment Co.; Chen Jing, general manager assistant and human resources director of the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Tourism Investment Co. Fu Xiaojun, executive deputy general manager of the Beijing Guanghuijintong Education and Technology Co.; Wang Wenting, deputy general manager of cooperation and development department of the Beijing Guanghuijintong Education and Technology Co., and other representatives from the three parties.

The cooperation agreements signed are in order to integrate the resources of universities with enterprises and to complete the collaborative education by bringing together enterprises, universities, and research institutes together.

The ceremony was hosted by vice president Zhao Pin; while president Xing Yong, director Chen Jing, manager Wang Wenting and director Teng Xiaoyu gave their speeches, respectively. Xing Yong delivered his opening remarks expressing his gratitude to Xinyang Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau for its support to the development of the school and warmly welcoming the enterprise representatives who attended the ceremony. He also congratulated the friendship cooperation and gave a brief introduction to the current situation of XYAFU. Chen Jing introduced the university-enterprise cooperation and gave a high praise to the students from XYAFU for their outstanding work, expecting at the same time to deepen the cooperation afterwards. Wang Wenting firstly introduced the professional requirements for the aviation industry and advantages of the main points of the university-enterprise cooperation. She ended her speech by showing her full confidence to the future development of such a university-enterprise cooperation. Teng Xiaoyu expressed his sincere thanks to XYAFU for supporting Xingyang cultural tourism, and she welcomed the Kaiyuan Senbo and Guanghuijintong to give further investment in Xinyang. At last, she highly evaluated the significance of this university-enterprise cooperation.

Following these speeches, on behalf of the university, President Xing Yong signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement of Jointly Building Kaiyuan Institute of Tourism Industry with Li Feiruo and the Cooperation Framework Agreement of University-Enterprise Joint Program with Wang Wenting. Then Xing Yong and Li Feiruo officiated the unveiling ceremony for the Kaiyuan Institute of Tourism Industry together.

The signing and opening ceremony was very successful. It gave a new chance both for the university and the enterprise to further implement multi-levelled, multi-formed and multi-fielded cooperation; these were at the aim of realizing the better employment of the university-enterprise resources; theses would also provide a new way to promote the in-depth integration of industry and education, to coordinate education with government and enterprises, and to jointly cultivate talents to meet the requirements of new liberal arts and modern tourism.