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School of Horticulture

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Majors for Bachelor’s Degree:


Facilities Agricultural Science and Engineering


49 teachers are working in the school, including 19 professors and associate professors. Among  the lecturers, eight have doctorate degrees and 36 received master’s degrees.In recent three years, the  lecturers of the school joined and completed more than ten research projects at national, provincial and municipal level, and published more than 50 academic articles on SCI Journals and other first–class journals at national level; compiled and published more than 20 text books,and obtained more than 20 national patents.

Experimental Labs and Bases:

Thes chool has four general experimental labs:Horticultural Lab,ornamental horticulture lab, the   teaching center for Plant and Plant Physiology,and the lab for facility agricultural science and Engineering, as well as 14 sub labs. The total value of instruments and equipment amounts to 11 million yuan. It also has two greenhouses on campus which covers more than 1600 square meters and contains more than 200 species.One of the in-campus experimental bases was promoted to the national degree in 2004.The course of Botany was confirmed as one of the National Excellent Courses.The school also cooperates with more than ten companies so as to set up after-school employment bases for students.


Students have rich out-of-class activities, they established the Flower Lover Society. The school  opened the Laixin Landscape Training Class which built a wider platform of learning and practice for  the students.

Social Practices

CampusBasketball Competition

Colorful Campus Life