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School of Physical Education

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Majors for Three-year Diploma Students:

Leisure Sports


The School of  Physical Education currently has 34 full-time and part-time teachers. Among whom two are adjunct professors, 10 associate professors and 13 lecturers. There are also ten first-level referees at national level, five national social sports instructors.

Experimental Labs and Bases:

The school's outdoor play grounds have 63,889 square meters while the indoor stadium have 5,611 square meters. There are two standard play ground, 14 standard silicone basketball grounds, 10 standard silicone volleyball grounds,four standard tennisgrounds, and one table tennis ground,one aerobic exercise house,two table tennis houses, a dancing house and a gym; 3 teaching research rooms and four off-campus practice bases.


The school has set up volley ball, basketball, football, track and field, table tennis, bad minton, aerobics and other sports teams. Since 2013 the university established, the school actively organized the student to participate in various competitions held by the agricultural universities/colleges among all the country or by the Henan province. They have won many honors. The women volleyball team won the  second-degree prize of the Group-A in the championship competition of Henan university/college students in 2019.The women track and field team won the second prize of the Group A in the Tournament Competition of Henan University/College Students and the the golden prize of Group-B (for non-professional university/college) 100-meter race in the 8th Chinese Agricultural University/College Students Sports Meeting.