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School of Fisheries

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Majors for Bachelor’s Degree:

Aquaculture Sciences

Aquaria Science and Technology


There are 33 teachers in the School of  Fisheries, among whom 11 have senior titles which includes professors and associate professors. Two leading lecturers of research and technology honored by Henan Educational Department and two leading lecturers of research and technology honored by Xinyang administration. The lecturers of the school joined and completed several sciemtific and technological research projects at provincial and municipal leval, obtained  3 patents at national level and published 7 academic articles in SCI journals.

Experimental Labs andBases:

The school has 17 professional laboratories on campus and one technological center for fishing industry at the provincial level, respectively; one vocational education base at the national level inside the school, and also 25 off-campus experimental bases. The value of all the experimental machines amounts to 6.33 million Yuan.


In recent 5 years, the acceptance rate of students' taking part in the Entrance Examination of Master-Degree is about 32%; the demanding ratio between the employer companies and the graduates of this school  are 6:1, therefore their students are warmly needed in society.