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School of Tourism Management

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Majors for Bachelor’s Degree:

Tourism Management

Hospitality Management

Exhibition Economy and Management


There are 59 faculty staff members including 48 full-time lecturers, four lecturers of experimental lab and seven students’ counselors;of whom 10 have advanced technical job titles and 45 have master's degree and doctorate degree. More than 95% of them have professional qualification certificates such as senior etiquette trainer, Chinese and English tour guide certificate, human resources trainer and landscape designer.

Experimental Labs and Bases:

There are 9 laboratories including 3D tourism comprehensive lab , hotel management information system lab, exhibition laboratory and so on, as well as Xinyang Tourism Planning and Designing Institute and Xinyang Tourism Personnel Training Center are both set up in the university.

There are a number of producing educating and researching cooperation bases outside the campus: some famous scenic spots such as CTS (Zhuhai) Haiquanwan Co.Ltd, Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senpo Resort, Moganshan Kaiyuan Senpo Resort, as well as several five-star hotels, such as Beijing Hotel, Hotel Crowne Plaza Sanya, Hangzhou Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel etc.


The cooperation with more than twenty five-star hotels lays good foundation for students employment after graduation. In the past 10 years, the initial employment rate of graduates had been maintained at 95%, and more than 3000 graduates are serving the tourism field in the society.